Standards and data

ClimateCalc is a calculation tool based on the European graphic standard for carbon calculation defined by the European trade association Intergraf ( Intergraf's standard is the only international graphic standard for carbon calculation in the world. This standard is important because it ensures that everybody who uses the standard calculates on the same basis.

In addition, the ClimateCalc calculation tool is in compliance with ISO 14064-1, ISO 16759 and the international Green House Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol).

ClimateCalc combines verified company data with verified standard data. The standard data are carefully chosen and based on the graphical and technical context to which they belong. Therefore, the emission factors for graphical raw material are based on published LCA research and on various research projects in the graphical industry. Emission factors related to the company’s energy consumption and fuel combustion are adjusted to the country where the company is located.