Tools for collection of data

In order to make the work with collection of the relevant data for the carbon account more manageable, a series of tools for collection of data for ClimateCalc have been developed.

Company data
To form a general view over the data that must be collected about the company, the template given below can be used. It is possible to write directly in the template or it can be used as a check list for collection of data:

Template for collection of data (Word)

Paper data
In order to make the company’s carbon account as adequate as possible it is very important to get data for the impact of the specific paper qualities. The letter template and the declaration below can be used for collection of data:

Letter template paper
Declaration template paper

Printing inks data
The calculator provides default data for many types of printing inks. To gather specific data about printing inks the standard letter template and standard declaration template below can be used:

Letter template printing inks 
Declaration template printing inks

Sub suppliers work
To gather specific data from the sub supplier, the declaration template below can be used:

Declaration template sub supplier